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GIVEnergy Giv-Bat High Voltage BMS unit for 3PH battery system


GIVEnergy Giv-Bat High Voltage BMS unit for 3PH battery system Description

Unlock the full potential of energy storage with the GivEnergy stackable battery, meticulously engineered to seamlessly integrate with the GivEnergy 3-Phase Hybrid Inverter. The ingenious design of this battery is not just about compatibility; it's a strategic alliance for optimal performance.

Featuring a high voltage Battery Management System (BMS), the GivEnergy stackable battery redefines the dynamics of charge and discharge power. Operating at lower currents while maintaining higher voltage levels, it achieves unparalleled efficiency compared to its lower voltage counterparts. This technological advancement ensures that every bit of energy is harnessed and utilized with maximum effectiveness.

Moreover, the stackable nature of these batteries opens doors to a new dimension of storage possibilities. By allowing multiple stacks to be seamlessly placed in parallel, the system facilitates a remarkable expansion in storage capacity. It's not just about energy storage; it's about scalability, adaptability, and the limitless potential to meet your evolving energy needs.

Elevate your energy experience by pairing the GivEnergy stackable battery with the 3-Phase Hybrid Inverter—a dynamic duo that transforms the way we harness and store energy for a brighter, more efficient future.