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Solax X3-Hybrid 10.0D HV Three phase Hybrid inverter, 2 x MPPT, incl Wifi, inc DC

Commercial Inverters

Solax X3-Hybrid 10.0D HV Three phase Hybrid inverter, 2 x MPPT, incl Wifi, inc DC Description

Solax emerges as the epitome of ingenuity, showcasing an unparalleled suite of three-phase inverters that stand out in the industry for their exceptional quality, reliability, and efficiency. Setting a new benchmark, Solax's three-phase inverters feature a broad MPPT voltage range, enabling enhanced energy harvesting capabilities. With a maximum input voltage of 800V and an impressive maximum efficiency of 98.5%, these inverters deliver performance that exceeds expectations.

What sets Solax apart is not only their commitment to optimal functionality but also their dedication to user-friendly design. The three-phase inverters are IP65 rated, ensuring resilience against environmental factors, and they incorporate a fanless internal structure for silent and maintenance-free operation. For added convenience, Solax offers optional 'plug & play' WIFI, seamlessly integrating these inverters into your smart home ecosystem.

In the realm of monitoring, Solax excels with their sophisticated Solax Portal, providing users with an intuitive and comprehensive platform to oversee and manage their energy systems. In every aspect, Solax exemplifies innovation, offering a vast array of products that redefine industry standards and elevate the solar energy experience.