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Ecoflow Power Ocean DC Fit 5KWH Kit

Ecoflow Power Ocean Range

Ecoflow Power Ocean DC Fit 5KWH Kit Description

Say goodbye to complex installations and hello to a new era of energy freedom! Introducing the EcoFlow PowerOcean DC Fit – where setting up your solar energy storage is as easy as enjoying a sunny day.

What comes with the kit?

1 x 5KWH Battery 

1 x Converter (BMS) 


The Ecoflow Power Ocean DC Fit battery comes with the following:- 

  • Each battery pack comes with 5kwh of battery storage. 
  • Stackable up to 15kwh on 1 x BMS unit (converter). 
  • No grid permit/DNO approval required. 
  • No need to change the AC Wiring.
  • Wiring free "stackable" design. 
  • 800V High Voltage.
  • IP65 weatherproof. 
  • 15 years warranty. 
  • Integrated Fire Protection Module. 
  • Auto-heating for efficiency in colder weather.