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Homegrid Lithion Battery Compact Series Unit 5.12KWH

Homegrid Batteries

Homegrid Lithion Battery Compact Series Unit 5.12KWH Description

Introducing the Homegrid Compact 5.12KWH Battery Storage System – the powerhouse that redefines energy storage with a thrilling punch! Say goodbye to power uncertainties and embrace a new era of unstoppable energy independence.

Unleash Unprecedented Power:

Discharging a formidable 5.12KW of pure energy might, the Homegrid Compact almost stands alone among their ESS contemporaries.

Partial Home Backup, Total Peace of Mind:

With it's high discharge rate of 5.12KW the compact is able to handle most demands in a dwelling when their is a powercut. So when the lights flicker or the grid falters, rest easy knowing that your sanctuary is shielded by the Homegrid Compact.

Parallel Prowess:

And if 5.12KWH of storage isnt enough with the Homegrid Compact you can connect 63 units in parallel - giving you an enormous 322.6KWH of energy to utilise! The Homegrid Compact is not just a singular solution; it's a network of power nodes working in perfect harmony. Expand your energy to suit your requirements.

Low Voltage, High Impact:

At 51.2V, this low-voltage marvel defies expectations, proving that big power can come in a compact package. Optimised for safety the Homegrid Compact chemistry is Cobalt Free, low voltage "UL 1642, UL 1973, UN 38.3, CE"

Why Settle for Ordinary, When You Can Power Up with Extraordinary?

The Homegrid Compact is a fantastic addition to the UK's ESS scene; with an entry level 5.12KWH battery with a 5.12KW discharge rate, and the capacity to wire up to 63 units in parallel makes this an extraordinary offering for the domestic ESS market.

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