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Huawei external WLAN-FE Dongle, communication for 10 devices at most

Huawei Wifi

Huawei external WLAN-FE Dongle, communication for 10 devices at most Description

SmartDongle - Wifi and ethernet adaptor.

Huawei is a market leading provider of ICT technology and smart devices and have pioneered in most technological markets since their origins in 1987. Huawei's range of renewable devices are all underpinned by the FusionSolar Smart PV Management. From the Huawei arsenal of products you have inverters; from 3KW hybrid inverters all the way up to utility sized 125KVA three phase string inverters. They also have their own brand of optimisers and you can also use their standard 5KW battery modules on their Three Phase hybrid inverters, making this a complete solar solution regardless of the install.


  • Plug & Play - Support max. 10 devices
  • Support real-time signal level monitoring and operation status management via management system & mobile APP
  • Support data encryption for transmission, ensuring data safety
  • WLAN & Fast Ethernet (FE) communication Support 3rd-party monitoring system
  • Auto-reconnection & data complementation after data chain breakage for accurate and reliable data transmission
  • IP65 - Support auto reconnection
  • 2 years warranty