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Tigo TS4 PV Module Advanced Add-On/Retrofit

Domestic Inverters

Tigo TS4 PV Module Advanced Add-On/Retrofit Description

After years of research, development, testing, and certification, Tigo brought the revolutionary TS4 platform to market, the only optimiser that we have come across that has an algorithm that pairs it with any Solar Panel or Inverter combination.

Optimization is a Flex MLPE function available as an integrated modular junction box base (TS4-O) or as an add-on unit (TS4-A-O). Design using unequal string lengths, mixed orientations, or areas of mismatch. Install in shaded areas with a reduced setback ratio. In addition to optimization, the TS4-A-O enables module level monitoring, and rapid shutdown in compliance with NEC 2014, 2017, 2020


  • Optimisation 
  • Monitoring
  • Rapid Shutdown


None more important than another; optimising PV performance for higher yield, monitoring to benchmark performance over a long period, across 100's of thousands units installed worldwide, last and most certainly not least rapid shutdown for safety purposes.