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EMP1 Emlite 3-ph generation meter EMP 100A (1000 pulse/kWh)


EMP1 Emlite 3-ph generation meter EMP 100A (1000 pulse/kWh) Description

The and EMP1.av are the entry models of the emlite three phase metering range. They are suitable for a host of different applications where basic consumption or generation three phase metering is required. 

  • Fully MID approved
  • 4 quadrant power measurement (Import and Export, Active and Reactive Energy)
  • Optional Power Quality Information – Volts, Current, Power etc.
  • Optional pulsed outputs
  • Optical communications port
  • Solid brass terminals
  • Accuracy Class A or B (MID) [active energy] and Cl 2 [reactive energy*]
  • 4 quadrant energy measurement
  • Optional power quality information*
  • Configurable pulsed outputs**
  • Multiple terminal cover options (Short, Extended( Standard), Extended plus)
  • Clear easy to read 8 digit LCD with specific symbols for different quantities.
  • Solid Brass terminals
  • Optional finger guard for main terminals

NB: * denotes standard setting, ** pulse set for kWh import as standard