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EcoFlow 160W Solar Panel

Portable Power Stations

EcoFlow 160W Solar Panel Description

  • Portable & self-supporting.
  • Smart solar power.
  • Durable with IP68 waterproof rating.
  • One-piece folding design.

The EcoFlow 160W Solar Panel is a portable and efficient solar panel that is ideal for recharging your EcoFlow portable power station when there is no power supply available. The solar panel is designed to work with the EcoFlow RIVER, RIVER Max, RIVER Pro, and DELTA portable battery generators.

Constructed with monocrystalline silicon cells, the EcoFlow solar panel is highly efficient and reliable. It comes in a stylish and convenient carry case and weighs just 5kg (7kg with all the accessories). This lightweight and foldable design make it easy to transport and perfect for outdoor adventures.

The EcoFlow solar panel is waterproof (Waterproof IP Rating: IP67) and can withstand all weather conditions. It also comes with a rubber handle and a flexible bracket stand that can be used to adjust the angle of the solar panel for 0-180 degrees.

Up to three solar panels can be connected in series to generate extra charging capacity for the EcoFlow DELTA portable power station. With an MC4 output, this solar panel can also connect to any other EcoFlow portable power station or other portable battery generators.

The package includes one EcoFlow 160W solar panel, one protective case and kickstand, and one user manual. It's important to note that clear direct sunlight is required for the quoted wattage amount.

The main features of the EcoFlow 160W Solar Panel include a rated power of 160W (+/-5W), an open circuit voltage of 21.7V (Vmp 18.5V), a short circuit current of 6.3A (Imp 6.0A), and an efficiency of 21-22%. The cell type is monocrystalline silicon, and the output ports are MC4 Solar Port to XT60 80V (max), up to 10A (max). When unfolded, the dimensions are Length (L) cm 157, Width (W) cm 68, Height (H) cm 2.4, and weight is 5kg. When folded, the dimensions are Length (L) cm 42, Width (W) cm 68, Height (H) cm 2.4, and weight is 6kg.

Overall, the EcoFlow 160W Solar Panel is a reliable, efficient, and versatile solution for recharging your EcoFlow portable power station and other portable battery generators while on the go.