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Tigo Tap Only

Tigo Optimisers

Tigo Tap Only Description

Introducing the Tigo Access Point (TAP) – Revolutionizing Wireless Connectivity in Solar Energy!

Elevate your solar experience with the cutting-edge TAP, Tigo's state-of-the-art wireless antenna. Proudly crafted in the heart of California, this improved model seamlessly replaces the Tigo Gateway while retaining its core functionality. As Callidus Wholesale, we consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to collaborate with Tigo and bring this technological marvel to your solar solutions.

Designed to facilitate wireless communication between the Cloud Connect Advanced (CCA) and the TS4 optimizers, the TAP ensures optimal performance for your solar energy system. With wireless communication capabilities between TS4 Optimizers and TAP, coupled with a wired RS485 connection between TAP and CCA, the TAP creates a harmonious and efficient network.

What sets the Tigo TAP apart is its utilization of 'mesh' technology, transforming each Tigo TS4 optimizer into a powerful repeater. This groundbreaking feature extends the range of the TAP, allowing the signal and data to hop seamlessly from TS4 to TS4 along various paths. The TAP's total range, including these intelligent 'hops,' spans an impressive 35 meters, providing unparalleled flexibility and coverage.

Discover the power of connectivity as the Tigo TAP ensures that as long as TS4 optimizers are within 10 meters of each other, the possibilities are limitless. Unleash the potential of your solar energy system with Tigo's TAP.

For a detailed comparison between the Gateway and TAP, delve into the specifics on the Tigo website. Your solar journey is about to reach new heights – embrace the Tigo TAP difference today!